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Handling a legal dispute on your own can be a challenge without an advanced understanding of the law. Lorie Brooks specializes in helping with Family Law and Divorce Mediation, and can help you explore all of your legal options in a professional and efficient manner. The best results come from working with an attorney you feel comfortable with.

Working with a local attorney who you can meet in person ensures the best possible communication and results. We understand that the legal system can be confusing and are here to help you make responsible decisions. Highly technical legal language can make your case sound more complicated than it really is and make you feel overwhelmed – we take that burden off of you and make it as simple and clear as possible.

Se Habla Español. Consulta Gratis. Un asistente legal está disponible para ayudar a traducir.

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Family Law

There are countless decisions that need to be made in the midst of a family-related legal dispute. When your loved ones are involved, you cannot afford to make any ill-informed decisions…

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is about you and your soon to be ex-spouse deciding your own divorce and what is best for the both of you and most importantly, your children. In mediation…

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